The 2017 Harvest Season for Truffles is now fully underway in the South West of Western Australia. Established trufferies, both large and small are being hunted and harvested once or more times a week to find ripened truffle and newer trufferies are being hunted by experienced hunters and their dogs in search of the elusive tuber Melanosporum.

This is a very busy time of the year for growers as the truffle needs to be taken from the ground, cleaned of organic matter such as dirt and roots, processed and graded to provide high quality truffle to the market. While truffle is sought after and used locally in Australia the majority of truffle grown in Western Australia is destined for fine restaurants in North America, Europe and Asia.

TPWA would like to wish all of our grower members a successful harvest for 2017 and encourage lovers of truffles and those wanting to experience a special taste sensation to seek out truffles and truffle experiences being provided now by a number of retailers and restaurateurs. Truffles are best used with food of light flavour such as pasta, meat especially chicken, eggs, and potatoes.