The mission of the Truffle Producers Western Australia Inc. is to promote awareness, growth, and development of the truffle industry in Western Australia. Our path to accomplish this mission will include researching best practices in all aspects of the industry, setting standards for premium truffles, sharing information between growers, as well as educating the public.

The direct result of TPWA’s action will be a strong and vibrant truffle industry from planting to marketing.


The Committee endeavours to represent TPWA's members and to be relevant to the membership. If you have any suggestions how you feel the committee would be better able to do this or have any thoughts on topics and issues you would like the committee to consider, please do not hesitate to contact one of the members.

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Wally Edwards - Oak Valley

Wally Edwards has been involved in the truffle industry since its inception in the Manjimup region. He was founding managing director of both The Truffle & Wine Co and Oak Valley Truffles. Wally is a civil engineer and registered builder. He has been a leading cricket administrator for the last 30 years being both Chairman of Cricket Australia and Vice President at the WACA. He and his wife Kerry own and operate Holman Industries, a business that manufactures and distributes irrigation and plumbing products across Australia and New Zealand. Wally was elected as Chair of the Truffle Producers Western Australia in October 2015.


Gavin Booth - Wilgarup Farm



Gavin Booth has been in the WA industry since 2006. He and his wife Mel own a 5 hectare truffle plantation planted in 2009. Recently they formed a truffle sales and marketing operation called Australian Truffle Traders.

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Paul Robinson - Silverwood Truffles

Paul Robinson and wife Rose Yeoman purchased a 32 hectare farm in the Middlesex Valley, southeast of Manjimup in 2008 and planted a 5 hectare truffière comprising oaks and hazel trees in November 2009 with first production in the winter of 2013. Paul and Rose have focused on soil and tree health, and truffle quality.  Silverwood also rears prime beef cattle.  Paul trained as a geologist and has a background in research and industry.  He has owned and operated technical and advisory consultancies.  He has served on private and listed company boards and is a member of the Board of Management for Truffle Kerfuffle.

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SECRETARY & newsletter

Sue Barnett - Hazeloak Farm

Sue Barnett is a partner at Hazeloak Farm. The truffière was established in 1997 with the first trees being planted in October of that year.
Sue became involved in the formation of TPWA as she believes in the value of collaboration, knowledge-sharing and supporting others in the truffle industry. Sue has held the position of Secretary since 2015.


Anne Mitchell


Anne Mitchell has a background in research science, microbiology, winemaking and viticulture. She has been involved in the truffle industry for 10 years as a truffle producer, development officer for the Department of Agriculture and Food, and more recently as a consultant scientist to the National Pest and Disease Research Project.

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Leanne Johnstone
Commercial Grower

With the intention of running their engineering business from home, Leanne and husband Scott purchased a 40 acre property in Manjimup nestled among the Karri trees in 1993. The prospect of utilising some of their property for a truffière came into fruition in October 2005, with the planting of 4 acres of hazelnut and oak trees inoculated with Tuber Melanosporum. The family’s first French black truffle was unearthed in July 2011 and production has increased to 90 kilograms in 2016.

Katrina Zemke

Katrina has a background as a high school Science and Humanities teacher but more recently has turned her hand to farming truffles, avocados and tourists in her chalets and truffle hunting with her dogs.

Michael Lowe

Michael is the General Manager of the Truffle and Wine Company in Manjimup.

Nigel Pitts

Nigel has been involved in the truffle industry for over 10 years, initially in a role with Manjimup Truffles which included Sales & Marketing, Processing, Packaging and Distribution. Together, we established our own truffiere in 2007, on a 230 acre property between Northcliffe and Pemberton. We breed beef cattle, and also over the past 5 seasons, we have run our own truffle hunting business, which is headed by my wife Cathy.