Truffle Species added to WA Organisms List

TPWA has been advised by the Department of Primary Industries that the truffle species below have been declared as a permitted organisms for import into Western Australia.

Species Synonym Common Name

Tuber magnatum Italian white


Tuber aestivum Tuber uncinatum Burgundy truffle,

English truffle

Tuber borchii Tuber albidum Spring white truffle,

Bianchetto spring


The species are permitted entry to Western Australia under the conditions listed below.

Fresh, dried or frozen truffles for consumption

Fresh, dried or frozen truffles for consumption to be presented to Quarantine Western Australia upon arrival for document assessment of permitted status. Each consignment to be packaged in clean and new packaging. Goods to be clean and free of contaminant seed, soil and other biosecurity risk material. Import documents and goods packaging to clearly state the scientific name of the imported truffle species including both genus and species. 

Truffles for propagation

The entry of truffles for propagation be subject to an Import Permit issued under r.72 of the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Regulations 2013.

Truffle inoculum is imported on different substrates and in varying culture forms, each posing a unique biosecurity risk. Nursery stock is the most widely used substrate. The current published conditions for the import of nursery stock require the application of fungicides that may impact the survival of the truffle fungal inoculum. Consistent with the Commonwealth’s conditions, entry will be subject to a valid import permit which will detail the necessary treatments to maintain product quality while minimising the biosecurity risk, as determined in consultation with the exporter and importer. An exporter’s declaration that the inoculum is a pure strain of a permitted species will be required. Goods to be subject to inspection upon arrival.

The import conditions will be published on the Quarantine Western Australia Import Requirement search site