Pest and Diseases of Truffle and their Host Trees in Australia

This is a collaborative project undertaken in May 2015 between the Western Australian Agriculture Authority, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, Australian Truffle Growers Association and Truffle Producers Western Australia Inc. and will continue to run until January 2019.

Intensive monitoring of pests at properties in Western Australia and the Eastern States is being conducted along with field trials investigating the management of major pests (slugs and truffle beetle) identified from the surveys conducted in Western Australia and the Eastern States.

Orchard monitoring has been conducted in 7 orchards in Western Australia at a variety of locations using varying types of pest traps. This has included the inclusion in the traps of truffle slivers as bait. Details of the types of pests collected in traps are recorded, collated and catalogued. Truffles have also been collected to observe insect damage, noting the depth of the truffle and documenting pest damage.

Updates and more detailed information can be found in the TPWA Newsletters and in the 5th RIDIC project on Pest and Diseases on truffles which is now available on the DAFWA web site - -2017


Growers are encouraged to use the MyPestGuide Reporter / Truffle Survey phone app. A pictorial guide ‘Pest and diseases of truffles and their host trees’ is also available on the DAFWA website to assist growers in the identification of pests and diseases.

All previous issues of the Australian Truffle Pest and Diseases e-newsletter are available on the DAFWA website.