Value–adding to Truffles in Western Australia

This research project is conducted by TPWA with assistance from Fresh Produce Alliance to investigate the development of value added truffle product, processing truffle for products, shelf stability of truffle product and market acceptance of truffle product.

It is funded through the Grower Groups Research and Development Grants Program which is part of the Agricultural Sciences Research and Development Fund supported by the Royalties for Regions program led by the Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia. The project will run until 31st March 2019.

Pest and Diseases of Truffle and their Host Trees in Australia

This is a collaborative project undertaken in May 2015 between the Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, Australian Truffle Growers Association and Truffle Producers Western Australia Inc. and will continue to run until January 2019. 

The project is led by the Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia with teams based in Western Australia and eastern Australia and Truffle Growers providing access to their orchards for project research.

The aim of the project is to identify and catalogue pest and diseases found in Australian Truffle Orchards, provide growers with information on best management practises and assist growers in the identification of the pest and diseases found in their orchards.