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Truffle Kerfuffle

The Truffle Kerfuffle will again be held in Manjimup at Fonty’s Pool from 21st to 23rd of June 2019.

Mellen Events are taking over from Sarah and Max of Offshoot Creative to manage the event this year. Mellen and the Board of the Truffle Kerfuffle Inc. will again be seeking assistance from TPWA, its members and others in the truffle industry to support the event in a number of ways.

Crucial to the event, the promotion of truffles as an authentic agritourism and culinary experience, and sought after by those attending the Truffle Kerfuffle are the Truffle Hunts. Please consider if you would be willing to offer your truffière as a venue for Truffle Hunts during the Truffle Kerfuffle.

TPWA believes the Truffle Kerfuffle plays a significant role in the promotion of truffle in Western Australia to Australia and the World. While growers may not see an immediate benefit from the event, the recognition of truffle from Western Australia as a luxury food grown in a pristine environment and of high quality will continue to grow, helping make our truffle a highly sort after luxury food which will aid in the growth of markets for Western Australian truffle throughout Australia and the world. This can only benefit all of those involved in the industry.

TPWA has begun communicating with Mellen Events about the Truffle Kerfuffle and will be providing members with further information in the near future.

For further information on the Truffle Kerfuffle please follow the link to the full email.